exhibition design, 2016

How can a museum become a space for learning and experimentation?

‘The Work Kabinet’ is prototype of a dynamic learning space with the aim to shift the experience of museum visitors from observation towards tactile interaction with objects. It was commissioned by z33 to run as a test during ‘Manufactuur 3.0′, an exhibition focusing on new production models.

Objects, materials, books where presented to the public as means to facilitate workshops, tactile learning and interaction. The dynamic exhibition format of Work-Kabinet is designed on the simple idea of the shelf: shelf-size elements were stacked to form a landscape tables, storages, plateaus, seating and working surfaces – a structure that can be assembled in endless variations of learning environments.

The installation took place at the exhibition MANUFACTUUR 3.0 at z33. 

commissioned by z33 House of Contemporary Art   concept and design by Irma Foldenyi                          public learning programme Anne van Oppen      produced by Jo van Bostraeten 





arrangement # 1      photo by Kristof Vrancken



arrangement # 2      photo by Kristof Vrancken