The Work Kabinet is an experiment for new ways of learning and interaction between people and things. What is the role of such a space in a museum? Within the building of z33, House of Contemporary Art objects, materials, books, images and technologies where presented as means to lead dialogues on everyday questions. The broader public was invited to work with the presented items, to question the everyday world through reading, testing, making and discussing.

To present such an ever changing content, de space needs its modular, flexible setting. By starting with the simple idea of the shelf, elements become tables, storages, plateaus, seating and working surfaces – a structure providing a learning landscape. How could such a space act as a learning environment? The first test took place at the exhibition MANUFACTUUR 3.0 at z33 around the theme ‘work’. The space was rearranged during the period of the exhibition by visitors with the aim to learn from the visiting public.


commissioned by z33 House of Contemporary Art
concept by Anne van Oppen and Irma Foldenyi
spatial design by Irma Foldenyi
production by Jo van Bostraeten




arrangement # 1      photo by Kristof Vrancken



arrangement # 2      photo by Kristof Vrancken