The Grand Member
workshop, 2013

In the Grand Member workshop the goal was to test a software tool that makes new connections between members of different generations based on their shared characteristics. Invited grandchildren and their grandparents took part in this cultural probe and investigated different aspects of themselves in order to explore similarities between their generations.

By comparing these results the next step was to generate an imagined personality at the intersection of these two family members. Grandparents and their grandchildren, imagined and designed, a new imaginary family member together. How would this new family member look like? What is important for him or her? And how does he or she acts in the outside world?  

The Grand Member was constructed from shared words, images, behaviours, photographs, clothes and other memorabilia and it assumes the role of a playful mediator between family members, allowing them to understand and bond with each other beyond stereotypical family roles.

commissioned by MU
in collaboration with Vivian van Gaal (MU)

yond stereotypical

grand member_collection
selection of shared characteristics used for creating the Grand Member