Shared Identity
mapping, 2011

In the early ten’s of the 21st century media labs worked on multidisciplinary experiments exploring the exciting possibilities of digital technologies. The whole environment within these labs was characterised by sharing new ideas & practices and inventing new ways of working.

In several media labs, such as Kitchen Budapest, I was part of many experiments that started without a clear goal and purely out of curiosity towards these new possibilities. Many of them ended up in what could be called failures but were nevertheless very liberating. In the end few of them however did make it into truly original and successful projects. The presentation and storytelling tool Prezi is but one example.

These experiments often started out with a small multidisciplinary group of people. During the different phases of the design process the members of such teams would often would change. The question for me was how can this way of working be communicated and give credits to all the people involved.

The shared identity software generates at a certain moment in the process a single portrait of the group which consists of parts of the portraits of the individual authors depending on how long they have been active within the project. This tool represents the holistic way of working in media labs and at the same time highlights the individual contribution.

programming by Gabor Papp

e same time highlig
three composite portraits of the project team at three separate moments in the process of the project


iterations produced by the shared identity software tool