De Post Ford
design probe, 2014

‘De Post Ford’ is a series of conceptual urban scenarios for the belgian city Genk after the closure of the Ford factory in 2012. The closure of the monocultural industry demanded new perspectives from designers and inhabitants to turn this industrial heritage into new scenarios of working, distributing and producing.

The results are ‘Post Ford Probes’, new concepts for services and models which connect business strategies with the skills of Ford Genk employees.

Interviews were conducted on the Ford factory site and followed by an intense workshop where participants developed scenarios for new forms of local economics, mobility, craft and culture. All scenarios suggested new models for near-future socio-cultural and technological shifts and were designed to stimulate discussion and debate.

Exhibited at ‘Conflict and Design 7th Flanders Triennial’, C-Mine Genk, 2013


commissioned by: Stad Genk
workshop participants: Design Academy Eindhoven Master students and Genk based inhabitants
concept, field research, workshop and book design by: Irma Foldenyi in collaboration with Daniela Dossi







cemetery probe





hospital probe






swimming pool probe






station probe






workshop with Design Academy Eindhoven master students, C-Mine Genk

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Post Ford process book



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swapping trading small


hospital station small