A is for Adjudant, P is for Paperweight’
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On show at ‘Bal’, former Royal Paleis Soestdijk. Read more here.
22.06. 2016 – 25. 09. 2016 Soest, Netherlands

2016, talk
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A talk on offline, online and other kinds of spaces together with Attila Bujdoso.
Moderated by Raphael de Courville & Daniel Kovacs, at ART+COM Explore lab, Collegium Hungaricum Budapest. More info here.   08. 04. 2016, Berlin



Jewellery Perspectives
2016, award

‘Jewellery Perspectives’, a research and design project looking at the urgencies of jewellery design from a critical perspective. The project has been awarded by the Stimuleringsfonds creative Industrie, starters grant in design.
Read more on the project here. In collaboration with curator Evelien Bracke.


Things We Hand Down
2015, design research
things we hand down


An exhibition presenting “Light Wear” by the Croatian design collective Oaza and “Natural Selection” by designers Irma Földényi and Pomme van Hoof. Both projects explore the passing on of artifacts and intangible attributes to a new generation.
VENUE Detroit, Stockholm, Roslagsgatan 21,       05. – 06. 12. 2015, artist talk 06. 15:00-19:00 


On Interfaces
2015, lecture
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A skype lecture for Master of Design students at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem on research and design of digital interfaces. Kindly invited by Maya Ben David.
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, 05.11.2015


join subreal
2015, testing
Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 19.32.59
Join ‘Subreal’ for a new testing session at MU. During this session we will ask a number of participants to evaluate and share their feedback on the project. Subreal is an online learning tool, where
participants are invited to submit assignments, discuss their relations to commons and subcultures. The project is part of the online learning initiative of MU, MU Play&Learn.

MU, Eindhoven 22. 03. 2015

Istanbul Design Biennial
2014, moderation

Within the framework of the 2nd Istanbul Design Biennial Irma Foldenyi is invited to be part of and moderate the panel discussion for the workshop series on ‘Istanbul Smart City Information Hubs’.
The 3 workshops will initiate, support and facilitate local interventions for developing the future of Istanbul as a Smart City.

The Istanbul Smart City Information Hubs project is organized by Istanbul Bilgi University, Institute for Information Design Japan, LIN architects and supported by TAK, World Intelligent City Summit 2014 and the Goethe Institute.

Istanbul, 10-11 dec 2014


Daijiro Mizuno X Design Lab
2014, talk


It was great to be invited at the x design lab lead by Daijiro Mizuno at the Keio University where I gave a talk about my latest design research projects. Starting with the basic and intricate needs of people by observing everyday’s practices, the question of my talk was how can design research discover unknown needs. And how can these lead to new forms of cultural production that can be met by the creatieve industry?
During the talk, we looked into different possibilities of intervention, discovery and play in the design process involving the public, participants and cultural institutes. The talk was followed by an inspiring discussion on the meaning of the platform as a design tool. The lecture has been part of a research trip to Japan, made possible by the generous support of Creative Industries Fund NL talent development grant.

Keio University, Tokyo, 11.11. 2014


In No Particular Order
2014, presentation

During the Dutch Design Week 2014, the Creative Industries Fund NL is showcasing young talent. The exhibition ‘In No Particular Order
displays work by young creative professionals who in 2013/2014 received a year-long grant from the Creative Industries Fund NL.

Schellens Fabriek, Eindhoven, Dutch Designweek 18 to 26 October, 2014

Conflict and Design
2014, published in

Post Ford Probes‘ project published in ‘Conflict and Design’, catalogue of 7th Design Triennial Flanders, 
C-Mine Genk, 2014


Self Unself, China
2013, exhibition


Digitalogue was part of the Self Unself exhibition in Shenzhen’s annual Creative Arts Festival which centred on the theme ‘Design Research & Education’ in 2013-14. Twelve DAE alumni presented their graduation projects under the umbrella Self Unself. This was the third installment in a series of four exhibitions in different locations. Previous exhibitions were in the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and the Design Academy.
participants: Alicia Ongay Perez: Inside Out,  Aurelie Hoegy: the Border between normality and abnormality, Bora Hong: Cosmetic Surgery Kingdom, Daniela Dossi: Micro Utopias, David Hakkens: Phoneblocks, Echo Yang: Autonomous Machines, Inge Kuipers: Tea-set Touch, Irma Földényi: Digitalogue, Massoud Hassani: Mine Kafon, Monica Alisse: Designing the News, Nina van Bart: The Alchemist , Tristan Girard: Constructed Nature

OCT Contemporary Art Terminal (OCAT), B10 building, Shenzhen, 08.12. 2013 – 08.03.2014


Talent Fund / stimuleringsfonds creative industries nl
2013, award

Irma was selected as one of the 21 recipients of the Talent Fund from stimuleringsfonds creatieve industries nl.
The Netherlands, 2013-2014


Self Unself, The Netherlands
2013, exhibition, member of curatorial team

photo: Peter Cox

From 19 October 2013, during Dutch Design Week, the Design Academy Eindhoven will be the guest of the Van Abbemuseum with exhibition ‘Self Unself’, where Irma was invited to be part of the curatorial team with Daniela Dossi led by Thomas Widdershoven and Jan Koonings. The exhibition runs parallel to the graduation show and which will later evolve with different participants in Shenzhen and Milan.

participants: Hella Jongerius, Eric Kessels, John Körmeling, Alicia Ongay Perez, Vincent de Rijk, Daan Roosegaarde, Lucy Orta, Ro-Smit, Makkink & Bey, Monica Alisse, Lucas Maassen, Daijiro Mizuno, Marije Vogelzang, Cody Wilson, Bertjan Pot, Dave Hakkens, Christien Meindertsma, Bora Hong, Vincent Tarisien, Tom Gottelier, Formafantasma, Jan Pieter Kapteijn

curators: Thomas Widdershoven & Jan Konings
curatorial team: Daniela Dossi & Irma Földényi

Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 16.10.2013 – 18.11.2013

The Wilde Things
2013, exhibition, participant
Screen shot 2014-04-06 at 11.32.40 AM

photo: Kristoph Vrancken

The ‘New Skills, New Tools‘ project was exhibited in the contemporary jewellery exhibition ‘The Wilde Things’ in Z33 showcasing the jewellery collection of the fictional character Mrs. Wilde. With The Wilde Things, Z33 explores new presentation models for contemporary jewellery in a context (of the wearer) and within a narrative framework. Furthermore it takes a critical look at current developments within this discipline, which has evolved since the 1960s to become an autonomous, artistic, and reflective design practice.
Participants: Volker Atrops, Gijs Bakker, Dinie Besems, Iris Bodemer, Liesbet Bussche, Nicolas Cheng & Beatrice Brovia, Boris de Beijer, Hilde De Decker, Gemma Draper, Iris Eichenberg, Silke Fleischer, Irma Földényi, Studio Formafantasma, Karl Fritsch, Hannah Joris, Lore Langendries, Tzu-Ling Lee, Benjamin Lignel, Suska Mackert, Jorge Manilla, Evert Nijland, Katrin Spranger, Manon van Kouswijk, Lisa Walker, Christoph Zellweger.

Z33 House for Contemporary Art, Hasselt, Belgium, 13.10.2013 – 19.01.2014


2013, workshop
Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 09.51.49
You are welcome to join us for the presentation of the results of our workshop for the 3 master departments at Design Academy Eindhoven. The workshop was led by Irma Foldenyi & Daniela Dossi.
Read more on the workshop and results here.

Design Academy Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 09. 06. 2013  



What Design Can Do
published in, 2013

‘Digitalogue’ published in ‘what Design Can Do’ catalogue
Amsterdam, 2013


What Design Can Do
2013, talk
During one of the sessions of the annual conference ‘What Design Can Do’  four alumni of the Masters program from the Design Academy Eindhoven present their graduation works. Irma Földényi elaborates on her graduation project ‘digitalogue‘ in which she researched the impact of digital technologies.
Graduates: Daniela Dossi, Irma Földényi, Tamar Shafrir, Alicia Ongay-Perez 

What Design Can Do!, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 16.05.2013


Linking Process, Milan 2013
2013, exhibition


Linking Process showcases the potential of the process and unfinished designs and focuses on the route to the final piece. This revealing exhibition displays not only the end result, but also the underlying ‘invisible’ design steps. Digitalogue was shown along the work of 60 graduates, forging new links between their work and the world.
Curator: Miriam van der Lubbe

Milan Design Fair, Zona Ventosa,Milan, Italy 12.04.2013 – 19.04.2013




Masters Graduation
2012, exhibition
invitemastergraduation2012seite2 Netherlands, Eindhoven, 05.07.2012 



The Tools Series #4: Digital Natives
2012, workshop
 Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 19.12.31
photo: Boudewijn Bollmann
The Tools Series is a series of Baltan Sessions that examines the complex and changing relationships artists and designers have with the technologies and tools they develop, modify or use to create, with an aim to explore social awareness around the tool choices they make as well as the (aesthetic) influences of these choices on the work they create.
As a continuation of the series started in 2011, we present Tools Series #4: Digital Natives, a workshop led by Irma Földényi (HU), a Masters student in Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. During this session, Irma introduced a method that she has created to facilitate her own design process.
Netherlands, Eindhoven, TAC (Temporary Art Centre) in collaboration with Baltan Laboratories, 28.04.2012
Does the World Really Need Another Chair?
2011, published in

graphic design: Joost Grootens 


Published in The Milan Breakfasts/Does the World Really Need Another Chair?by Design Academy Eindhoven and Premsela,
 Milan Breakfasts, April 2011


Landscape in Perspective
2011, exhibition, participant
Landschap in perspectief

Research project of Design Academy Eindhoven on the Euregional Landscape. Thirty students of the master programme did extensive research on meaningful places in Limburg and the surrounding
regions and developed strategies to make these places accessible for a broad audience.

Landschap in Perspectief in cooperation with NAim Bureau Europa, Marres, Maastricht, 28 march – 23 june, 2011


A Blueprint For a Lab of the Future
2010, publication




A Blueprint for a Lab of the Future, edited by Angela Plohman, is an extensive publication, presenting the results and reflections on Baltan’s two-year pilot phase undertaken from 2008 to 2010.  
Netherlands, Eindhoven, Baltan Laboratories, 2010