New Skills New Tools

The inspiration for this project comes from a collection of historical portraits, where each portrait shows or depicts a person holding an everyday object. In the portraits intriguing objects are elevated into a pieces   of jewellery. These pieces act like ‘conversation pieces’ for the viewer: they represent the occupation of the person thereby communicating his/her relation with their respective cultures.

My generation is strongly influenced by contemporary socio-economical changes and is labelled in the media as the “economically inactive”, who are in fact young people in Europe reinventing a new world. What occupations and skills could arise out of these uncertain changes? The collection shows prototypes of tools for new digital occupations and skills which perform yet unknown functions. These jewels are made with the intention to act as conversation pieces and open up discussion on the theme of the project.

eme of the project.

commissioned by Z33, House of Contemporary Art (BE)
exhibition: The Wilde Things
curated by Evelien Bracke


eme of the project.

Ms. Wilde with New Skills, New Tools, videostill: Manon de Boer

Ms. Wilde with New Skills, New Tools, videostill: Manon de Boer

The Wilde Things exhibition in Z33, photo: Kristoph Vrancken


About the exhibition

Twenty-five pieces of contemporary jewellery, a narrative written by Oscar van den Boogaard, and a movie by Manon de Boer tell the fictional story about Mrs. Wilde’s personal memories and her jewellery collection. In this narrative exhibition, jewellery as ‘material memory’ is interwoven with life.
With The Wilde Things, Z33 explores new presentation models for contemporary jewellery in a context (of the wearer) and within a narrative framework. It takes a critical look at current developments within this discipline, which evolved into an autonomous and reflective practice.



Volker Atrops, Gijs Bakker, Dinie Besems, Iris Bodemer, Liesbet Bussche, Nicolas Cheng & Beatrice Brovia, Boris de Beijer, Hilde De Decker, Gemma Draper, Iris Eichenberg, Silke Fleischer, Irma Földényi, Studio Formafantasma, Karl Fritsch, Hannah Joris, Lore Langendries, Tzu-Ling Lee, Benjamin Lignel, Suska Mackert, Jorge Manilla, Evert Nijland, Katrin Spranger, Manon van Kouswijk, Lisa Walker, Christoph Zellweger



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