workshop method, 2013

The Design Academy Eindhoven draws master students from all over the world for the 3 masters every year. A six days program, not unlike an open source production line for unexpected prototypes was created; the goal was to compile a common visual archive and work collaboratively synthesizing collective stories and translating them through given materials and techniques.

Students worked each day in a new interdisciplinary team, responding on a different assignment using new combinations of material & technique. The aim of the workshop was to introduce and crossbreed several systems and standards – mixing different

personal backgrounds with the new context of Eindhoven.Based on personal inputs, such as childhood memories, habits, ancestors, favorite garments, national news items and local ingredients, all the participants created a new collective concept each day on each chapter, using the facilities of the Design Academy and material sources in Eindhoven.

Working in the different workshops, the personal and cultural backgrounds were transformed into quick and dirty prototypes – such as new textures, belongings, services, subcultures, tools and recipes with an emphasis on collaborative storytelling and learning through making.

learning through making.

commissioned by Design Academy Eindhoven
concept and design by Daniela Dossi (IT/NL), Irma Foldenyi (HU/NL)
graphic design & photography by Kim Constatino (IT)
thanks to Bennie Meek (NL), Lucas Muñoz (ES), Pablo Calderón Salazar (CO) and De Fabriek




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people_de fabriek


people working_de fabriek




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favourite ancestors and collages of master students









1-intro samples