Greeting Cultures
mapping, 2013

The ‘Greeting Cultures’ research project takes the historical line of Natlab’s as a social reference and not just as a technological reference. Famous inventions and innovations are transmitters, radar, hearing aids and the compact cassette and CD. All these inventions are tools with a primary role, sending, receiving and storing signals thereby providing alternative forms of communication, intermediating between people. These groundbreaking inventions resulted from fundamental research, which was translated into tools that changed our collective mindset.

Instead of taking technology as a starting point for research the ‘Greeting Cultures’ project begins with looking at people and how they meet.

Designers Irma Földényi and Gyorgyi Gálik are exploring non-verbal expressions of interpersonal and cross-cultural communication. The project, which is in its research and development phase, will probe the subtle adjustment processes in human interactions and aims to discover new insights based on communication rituals within everyday reality. ‘Greeting Cultures’ visualizes an exploration of identity and maps different codes of behaviour.The recorded material is currently an archive of public choreographies and is a starting point towards the design of new, yet non existing, greetings.

commissioned by: Baltan Laboratories
in collaboration with: Györgyi Gálik
exhibtion: former Philips Natlab; a new house for Baltan Laboratories


personal space in public situations and greeting gestures