Design Academy Eindhoven, thesis project, interface design, 2012
Digital and Analogue in Dialogue 

One year ago, when talking to a friend online I was holding the laptop in my hands while walking around the room. My friend suddenly warned me: Please don’t drop me!” Fascinated by this paradoxical statement, I


embarked on investigating the relationship between the body and digital technologies by asking the question: how is it possible to bridge the digital and analogue worlds?






Digitalogue is a research project comparing cultures of communication through an ongoing collection of digital and analogue tools representing social identity. By generating comparisons between digital and analogue phenomena, Digitalogue is looking for unexpected links and connections between two systems.

As a research and design process, it resulted in an open-source design method, that generates concepts and critical scenarios for connecting the two poles of communication culture. ‘Digitalogue’ specifically looks at how the evolution of digital communication tools influenced gestures and body language.






The video tells the story from my personal fascination, leading the viewer through my research findings to show the gesture language archive.
These gestures serve as cultural codes appearing with everyday conversation, showing a connection between the digital and the analogue worlds.




If we live a big part of our lives in a flat virtual world, where we create spaces, take actions or relate to symbols, can it add up to a new, symbolic and unconscious language? To think around the digital spaces I observed people and documented their speech gestures while talking about digital actions
such as saving, contacting, texting and linking. These gestures communicated a physical understanding of non-physical places which I synthethized into a yet non-existing language, a representation of cultural codes appearing within everyday social interaction.

Presented for: Curatorial team V & A Museum, Paola Antonelli MOMA NY, What Design Can Do 2013
mentors: Rianne Makkink, Jan Boelen, Thomas Lommee, Aldo Bakker
video and edit: Suyin Tjon A Hie
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