A is for Adjudant, P is for …
exhibition scenography & jewellery, 2016

‘What if a desk is a landscape, a paperweight a jewel,   a workspace an island. What scenario’s could be projected in the Adjudant’s Room? And what are the symbols and occupations related to this work environment? Zooming in and zooming out, in and out of a Royal realm. (Introduction text be Evelien Bracke)

Jewellery Perspectives’ is a research project initiated by designer Irma Földényi and curator Evelien Bracke. They were invited by Studio Makkink & Bey to work in one of the former offices of the Dutch royal adjutant in the Palace Soestdijk on the occasion of the exhibition ‘BAL!’ (25.06.2016 – 25.09.2016) that took place in the Palace. The adjutant is one of the closest assistants of the ruling monarch.

However, or perhaps exactly therefore, there is a very limited amount of information available on the life and work of the adjutant. Inspired by photographs of royals and their working tables,  ‘Jewellery Perspectives’ re-visited the office and work of the adjutant. ‘A is for Adjutant, P is for Paperweight’ is part of a larger research project on jewellery under the name Jewellery Perspectives which explores and opens up new perspectives on the discipline of jewellery design.

Sandberg Institute graduate architect and writer Annee Grøtte Viken collected documents and wrote a spatial narrative about a fictional character of an adjudant which you can read here.


photos by Nastassja Bosch
text by Annee Grotte Viken
scenography and objects by Jewellery Perspectives
production by Shapeways and Textiellab Tilburg
supported by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie NL



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